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3rd fence left to right: Western Fling (Jason Griswold up); Rosbrian (Clare MacMahon up)--2nd; Michile Marieschi (George Hundt, Jr. up)--1st

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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the race typically held?

The race is always held on the last Saturday of April.

Where is the race?

2700 Tufton Ave, Glyndon, MD

What type of parking passes are available and what do they cost?

General Admission - $35
Patron - $100

Is there additional admission beyond the parking pass?

No, your parking pass is the admission for the people in your vehicle.

When can I purchase tickets?

Tickets may be purchased by mail or internet beginning March 17, 2014
Tickets may be purchased at the retail stores beginning April 1, 2014

Are there cut off dates?

The cut off date for internet purchases is April 17, 2014
The cut off date to purchase by mail is April 17, 2014

Can I be placed on a mailing list?

Your name will automatically be placed on the mailing list after your first purchase. If you want to be added to the mailing list, please email:

Additionally, you have the opportunity to sign up for our mailing list at Valley Motors.

Can I purchase tickets the day of the race?


What forms of payment are acceptable?

We accept checks and cash at all locations.
Credit cards are only accepted for on-line purchases.

Where can I purchase a parking pass?

This information will be posted when tickets go on sale.

How do I get to the race?

Each parking lot has specific directions - click here for directions.
General – Access General lot from the east/Falls Rd. side of course
Patron – Access Patron lot from the west/Worthington Ave. side of course
Subscriber – Access Subscriber lot from the west/Worthington Ave. side of course

When do the gates open?

11:00 a.m. Your parking pass will be taken when you enter the lot, so there is no reentry.

Are food and drinks available for sale?

There are no concessions, we encourage picnicking.

What is the process to become a Subscriber?

The combination of limited space in the Subscriber parking area and loyal supporters, creates a 6-7 year waiting list to become a Subscriber. All Patron pass purchasers are eligible to become Subscribers, on a first-in, first-out basis. The key to becoming a Subscriber is to be on our mailing list and purchase a Patron pass annually until invited to be a Subscriber.

Can I bring a tent?

You may bring a tent, but the size is constrained to 10'x10' and must be placed directly behind your vehicle. Please be courteous to others and keep your picnic and other accoutrements within this area.

Can I park overnight?

No, Property owners require parking lots to be empty by 6:00 p.m.


Private Passenger Vehicles only. Pick up trucks allowed.
Come for a fun day of racing with friends.
Bring cold food and beverages.
Bring sunscreen.


No buses, campers, limos or extended passenger vans, ATVs, golf carts, etc.
No Dogs
No open flames
No electric, gas or charcoal grills
No generators
No limos or large passenger vans. Only normal passenger vehicles/ pick up trucks allowed.

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